The Way of the Gospel


Dear parishioners of Holy Family

The Archdiocese is initiating a very significant phase of reimagining the Archdiocese. We are being called to remember our baptismal  vocation  and its call  to mission.

The people of God are all called to be missionary. The Archdiocese is trying to understand what this means for us as an Archdiocese and the  impacts it would have on the local parish community.

It is a period of discernment and prayer. It is important that we take pains to understand the process and see what impact it would have for Holy Family.

It is a tough period of lockdowns during this pandemic and communication is a big barrier. We will try to put out as much information as we  receive from the Archdiocese.

On this page you will find various links giving you further information to understand the mind of the Archdiocese. 


Fr. Michael VC




List of currently available publications

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